A Quarterly Furry Zine

Issue #4:

In the Moonlight

Our Fourth Issue, "In the Moonlight" is set to drop in October! We'll be accepting submissions beginning August 10, 2019 'til a hard deadline of Friday, October 11th, 2019. Contributors can get their submissions in by visiting the Submissions page.

Please keep the theme in mind, but don't be afraid to push the limits of what it means! The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler, and the clear skies let the moonlight shine! There's not really a wrong answer here as long as you can link it back to the theme. Maybe we're hiking to the top of a nearby hill to gaze upon the night sky, bring your howls! Or maybe we're headed back to check in on the beast chained up in the dungeon, they're looking pretty hungry about now! The only limits are legalities, your imagination, and your creative uses of grayscale.


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Issue #1:

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Issue #2:

Guess What I've Got

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Here we are. It's cold as heck outside, but someone wants to take you inside to "Make You Melt." "The Exchange" goes well, and leaves you in a nice and warm "Afterglow" yet there's still more! He proudly walked in and asked, "Guess What I've Got?" "That's Not Going to Fit," she cried. Well, it was "Chosen of the Gods," so prepare for your "Fall From Glory."

The Round Pen
Garland and Misteltoe
Icy Anticipation
Maddie thought the evening was going great. There wasn’t much better than curling up next to a crackling fire on a wintery night with a good friend for a little play time. Then one thing led to another, and before she knew it she was panting from a heat that wasn’t brought on by the fire alone. When James asked if she would like an icy surprise to cool off, though, this wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind...
Make You Melt
How much stimulation can Starlit’s partner take? This foxtopus is determined to find out!
Gazzy Meets the Pumpkin King
Untitled Submission
A fun experimental piece using strictly Copic markers from start to finish.
Cold Blows
Fighting and fucking? It’s blissful masochism at it’s finest...and coldest!
The Exchange
Extreme cold, discomfort, and isolation are among a few of the worst experienced to have for any prolonged period of time. This picture is about two beings who ultimately decide that in a fair exchange to offer relief to each other for these ailments. Though the Dragoness is in a position of power, she still must offer warmth to her partner in order to satisfy a lingering need that has long been unfulfilled.
After the dawn has broken and the two awake. One sets off to work while the other is enthralled in her new acquaintance’s work and lifestyle.
I Summoned My Boyfriend for the Holiday
Stuffed Stocking
The stocking’s pretty stuffed, but its contents look like they could use some filling.
The Chilly Peak

Training Gear
A short story about a cougar meeting a mysterious fox. But somebody has a secret of who they really are.
Strange Tales of Nanna Pudd’n the Whore Desperado of the Dreaded Wargod Gyo
Escaped from a planet of criminals, Nanna finds himself on the large citadel of the Wargod Gyo. Will he find sanctuary from his warden and the sailors or will he be simply a snack for the ancient creature.
Chosen of the Gods
Even in ancient times, surprises of the sensual kind can be found in the most unlikely of places.
That’s Not Going to Fit
Some dragons hoard gold and gems or precious artifacts. Other dragons dabble in darker business. Vo’Lath’s collection in particular began with a solitary unicorn unlucky enough to fall into his clutches. Her expression the first time the blindfold fell away made it worth the trouble of catching her. He took great pleasure in expanding her horizons in ways she never imagined possible.
Fall From Glory
Another chapter in the story of Synnove. When an arrogant Duke makes claims over a small encampment of Rabbit People (Lapians) he finds that they are stronger in heart that he is in soldiers.
“Guess What I’ve Got?""
Secluded Pool of Desire
The Chilly Peak
Your Character Here!

Issue #3:

Wet 'n' Wild

Issue #4:

In the Moonlight

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Here in Summer, it's time to grab your "Beach Bitch" and ask, "Want a swim?" Give a wink, "I Will Never Let You Drown" Coming Soon! :3

I Will Never Let You Drown
A story of deep revelations between a mysterious Mistress and her submissive.
Beach Bitch
You ever wonder what that thing was that brushed against your foot under the water? Well-it wasn’t seaweed.
Deep Sea Claustrophobia
What happens when an Anglerfish Mermaid meets a Dumbo Octopus lady on the bottom of the ocean?
Flying Fuck
There's Something in the Water
A reporter and his associate go to investigate some rumors in the swamps of small town USA.
Want a Swim?
Serve or Be Served
The Chilly Peak

Coming Soon!