Furequently Asked Questions

A zine, or fan magazine, is a published collection of visual and written artwork submitted by any artists who'd like to participate. Zines usually follow a theme, and FetZine's overarching theme is a combination of anthropomorphic (or "furry") art and uncommon fetishes.

We're looking for visual and written work of not just the "usual" fetishes, though those are welcome, but ones that are super specific and not depicted very often, if at all. Do you like being completely encased in duct tape while someone plays the xylophone? We're all about representation, even if the masses "don't get it". It's about what you like! As long as it follows the Content Submission Policy, of course.

A Contribution is defined as a visual or written work of art, submitted by its creator to be featured in FetZine.

By submitting a Contribution, you verify that:

Contributors get one free copy of the Zine their piece is featured in! Free pickup at a convention, or $6 USD shipping. You can, additionally, order up to 10 issues at a discounted rate of $10 each. After 10, the standard rate of $25 applies.

Either one of those scenarios is an option! You can order as many as you'd like for $25 each. The form can be found here: Order Page

Short answer is no. While your character is probably sentient and can consent, artwork where a feral character is depicted in a sexual situation walks a line too close to bestiality, which can cause legal issues for all.


No. However, if you submit a bunch of stuff, it may not all make it into FetZine due to book size limits. If you submit a bunch of stuff and there's a piece you're particularly proud of and really want published, let us know and we'll make reasonable effort to include it.

Maybe! Cover art will be chosen from submissions and is the publishers choice. You will not be notified that your submission will be the cover art, we want it to be a surprise! If you specifically do not want your art to be on the cover, please let us know! The only exclusions for being eligible as cover art are sponsors of that particular issue of FetZine. Being a sponsor for one issue of FetZine does not disqualify you from being a cover artist in the future though!

Since FetZine is somewhat seasonally themed, we'd prefer you not post your whole submission until a year from the release of the issue your piece was featured in. As a bonus, by that time, your piece will be seasonally relevant again! If you'd like to share teasers of your piece before the year is up, we'd really love it if you plug FetZine as the place to find your featured piece! That said, we're not going to come after you if you post it. It *is* your hard work after all!